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CCDK/NC Engine - Library of 100+ C functions for computing milling and turning toolpaths, boundary offsets and area booleans (union, difference, common). Ideal for CAD, CAM, machine control, AEC, GIS and other applications which perform computations with areas and 2D and 3D boundaries. Available with a pilot project. Contact Building Block Software for details.

CAD/CAM Developer's Kit/3D - Library of 600+ C functions for 3D geometry, rendering, and DXF. Ideal for 3D wireframe CAD applications. Documentation

CAD/CAM Developer's Kit/2D - Library of 300+ C functions for 2D geometry, rendering, and DXF. Ideal for 2D CAD applications. Documentation.

Software Engineering, Software Development, Training and Support - "Jump-start" pilot projects. One-on-one or group training at your facility. Support and consulting by phone and email. Click here for details