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Why a pilot consulting project?

You may be wondering why a pilot consulting project is required with the NC Engine kit. Here's why...

Without exception, you will have questions about how to use the kits. There are sample programs and documentation, but you will have questions. In nearly two decades of providing CAD/CAM Developer Kits, we've found that the best way to go is to give new users a "jump start". This may involve writing a short program to show you which functions to use and how to call them, or to provide an interface layer between your application and CCDK so your application deals only with its own native data (this latter option is quite popular).

You will also find functions which don't quite work the way you expect. Sometimes it will be on account of something you did (for example, you didn't set up an appropriate tolerance before calling a routine which crucially depends on an appropriate value), and sometimes there will really be a bug (these are quite rare, but they do exist!). If we have a pilot consulting project set up, then these issues can be handled in stride.

Last, but not least, we've spent a tremendous amount of time working with the issues that you are facing in your application. Chances are very good that you will find our experience in geometry, boundary offset and toolpath computation greatly beneficial and a very good value.

Of course, if you want to continue the consulting services beyond the initial pilot project, we'll usually accommodate you.

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